Applications About Insurance


Inquiries regarding insurance

The Insurance Department is responsible for the array of company insurances that includes the “Third Party Insurance” policy. In the framework of this policy, the Department deals with inquiries from civilian who have been injured and/or whose property has been harmed, as a result of  factors or  infrastructures within the field of Hagihon’s responsibility.

The Department checks the issue of Hagihon’s responsibility with the relevant departments in the company, and in accordance with the complaints raised against it.

Based on the findings that arise from examination of the matter, some of the complaints are rejected, some are passed on to be dealt with further at the insurance company, and some of them get to reach consideration at the General Manager’s Committee for Insurance Claims at Hagihon.

How to contact the Department:


A.      Contact by telephone: 02-5651103 or 02-5651239
B.      Letters may be sent by Fax: 077-4703052
C.      E-mail should be sent to  or
D.      Post should be sent to the following address: 101, Hebron Road, P.O.B. 10118,  91100 Jerusalem.