Customer Service On Water

Customer Service for water – the private water network department

The department is responsible for all the procedures concerned with developers’ requests for connection to the Hagihon water network, parallel with the procedures for the granting of building permits by the Municipality.

The developer passes the building and plumbing plans and the calculation of the expected water consumption in this same project to the department.

The department’s personnel check the plans in order to ensure a suitable connection of the property to the urban network in a manner that will enable a regular water supply both in the present and in the future.

The department is responsible for carrying out water connections and moving them, separation of measurement, installing measuring devices in new buildings, and routine replacement of measuring devices in existing buildings.

The department is also responsible for performing calculations of the payments that reach the company in return for the water system’s development fee and for connection fees.

More details can be obtained via the department’s Service Call Centers at tel. no: 02-5651175.