The Company Policy About Environment

The Company’s Policy on Environmental Protection

HaGihon Company recognizes “environmental management” as a highly important issue, this as part of the company’s ongoing activities in the fields of development, maintenance and intra-organizational activity.

To attain the environmental targets, an organizational system was established, headed by the Deputy Director General of the sewage and Drainage Department, who serves as Management’s representative for environmental issues.

HaGihon Company is committed to the reduction of environmental damage caused from the development and maintenance activities of the water and sewage systems, while protecting the environment, the quality of water, nature and landscape values, preventing pollution of water sources and rivers and prevention of health hazards.

Implementation of the intra-organizational environmental policy is carried out on the basis of an annual work plan that is implemented via the various units in the company and creates environmental awareness among the employees.

The environmental issue handled by the company are: Quality of air, energy, savings in water, reduction at the source, recycling, hazardous materials, sewage treatment, nature and landscape values, radiation, preservation of cleanliness.