Sewerage Infrastructure

The urban sewerage network includes approximately 1,000 km.

of conduit pipeline with a diameter of between 6”- 56”. The sewage, includes approximately 37,000 inspection chambers ( main halls) .

The sewage generally flows in the system by force of gravity, a flow that is due to the topography of the city.

To ensure a continuous and problem-free flow, the system is connected by four tunnels for transporting the sewage to treatment plats located West and East to the city. Moreover, the system is assisted by four large pumping stations located in the Armon Ha’Natziv, Neveh Ya’akov, Pisgat Ze’ev and Homat Shmuel neighborhoods.

These pumping stations are designed to transfer the sewage from the low-lying areas, to the main sewage collectors. Moreover, several more small pumping chambers are scattered across the city.