Pipeline system

Characteristics of the pipeline system and the delivery pipes:

The sewerage pipe-line is made of materials that withstand corrosion and erosion.

The pipes laid in the sewerage system are pipes with a large diameter that allow, in addition to the flow of liquids, the transfer of objects, papers wet wipes, soil sediment etc. In planning the sewerage systems, changes in the weather also have to be taken into account, and especially the possibility of rainwater entry during the winter season.

The type of sewage is to a large extent determined by its sources - the private and industrial systems. Since the sewerage system is a large, multi-branched system and must be separated from many other systems, in contrast to other infrastructure systems, its planning obligates strict coordination with many authorities in the field of urban infrastructur.

The planning of wastewater treatment plant and the disposal of the effluent is controlled by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Health .