Eastern plants

MAVTI is currently advancing the planning of a new sewage treatment plant that will treat sewage from Ma’aleh Adumim, some of the settlements under the Matte Binyamin Regional Council, and the northern neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

In the area of Nabi Mussa, a 200 dunam plot has been pinpointed for construction of an extensive treatment plant, using the aerated lagoons method. Although the method needs a large area, it ensures much less expensive construction and operation and lower quantities of sludge compared with an intensive treatment plant such as activated sludge method. 

The plant will have the potential to treat sewage from the Og basin and from the KidronVally. At the present stage, design plans have been requested including plans for the plant’s construction. 

The Eastern Treatment Plant will be built in stages. At first, it will take in 20,000 cubic meters per day, and will gradually increase the sewage intake until it reaches 40,000 cubic meters per day.

The Eastern Plant will replace the Og Reservoir that will continue to be used as a reservoir for treated effluent used in crop irrigation within the Megilot and Jordan Valley Regional Councils areas.