Homat Shmuel plant

The Homat Shmuel neighborhood is situated in the south of the city and in the Dargot valley Basin.

Dargot sewage basin is separated from, and without gravity connection to Jerusalem’s sewage net work and treatment system. Therefore  it was decided to build a separate sewage treatment plant for this neighborhood, and  for the nighbouring villages of Umm Tuba and Tzur Baher .

The Homat Shmuel plant will use up-to-date technology - the membranes method ( MBR) - enabling the production of high quality treated effluent,for irrigating public parks and gardns such as the Sherover Promenade, the Liberty Bell Garden, Independence Park and, eventually, also Sacker Park. The effluent is also suitable for industrial use.

The plant will be built in two stages. With completion of the first stage, the plant will be able to treat  2,800 cubic meters of sewage per day, and after completion of the second stage, it will be able to treat double the quantity.