Equipment for operation, maintenance and optimization of the water system - NIS 7.8 million

Upgrading of the Command, Control and Remote viewing system - NIS 0.1 million
Continue the replacement of old and outdated servers and software. The replacement is intended to minimize malfunctions and ensure the continued flow of high-quality data that provides real-time information to the operational personnel regarding Hagihon facilities status, facilities which are responsible for adequate water supply. The project is scheduled for completion this year.
Taking care of East Jerusalem - Installation of water meters for the consumers - NIS 1.19 million
In order to reduce water waste, prevent water theft and increase billing rates in the eastern part of the city, the Company will continue its activities in the coming year, and will lay water lines and install water meters for inspection in various neighborhoods in East Jerusalem.
Installation of permanent sensors for the detection of bursts (Aquarius) - NIS 1.2 million
As part of the project, some of which are funded by the state, additional permanent sensor installations will continue in areas where they have not yet been installed. The sensors identify bursts in water lines and transmit the data to a control center. Using this info, one can get a reliable picture about the status of leakage in the piping, repair it, reduce the water losses and contribute to the reduction of water waste.