Replacement of the water network - NIS 41.8 million

Replacement of worn-out water pipes proactively reduces water loss, prevents damage to water quality and increases reliability of supply.
The standard life span of a water pipe is about 40 years, hence the need to change each year about 2.5% of the length of the network, which is about 1,300 km long, i.e. 33 kilometers per year.
The Company makes an effort to improve the quality of the pipes and the methods of placing them, and also invests in constant supervision of the network, in order to extend the life span of the network.
There are plans to replace water lines in the west part of the city, some of which are continuing works and some of them are new works in streets such as Mahagalot Harav Pardes, Alkabetz street, Minhat Amsha, Kedoshei Stroma, Mahalot Dafna – Mahal street, Yirmiyahu, Shderot Ben Zvi, Yigal Yadin, interchange 22/9, Shimhoni and Kanfei Nesharim.
In the Old City – Hashalshelet, Armenian Patriarchate and Via Delarosa.
In Abu Ghosh it is planned to replace lines in the following streets: Haharazim street, Hafol & Hanaana streets, and in Mevasseret Zion in Hazayit street. In addition, short lines replacement will also be made in these communities as required.