Expansion of the water network - NIS 30.6 million

Continuing processes of population growth, improvement of the standard of living and the development of the city, necessitate expanding the water supply network by strengthening the main transport pipeline in existing roads and by laying new lines in new neighborhoods and new main roads.
The works in 2020 are derived from the master plan for the supply of water to Jerusalem and from road construction projects of the Roads Division, the Moriah Company and the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

The integration of laying water lines with road construction works saves excavation costs, opening and repairing of asphalt and reduces the disruption to traffic when laying the water lines. For these reasons, the network expansion work is sometimes carried out by preceding investments.
1. The continuation of the development of water systems in new neighborhoods in the western part of the city:
Ramat Shlomo neighborhood
Mordot Gilo neighborhood
Mordot Arnona
Mordot Bayit Vegan
Main supply line in Emek Hatemanim
As part of the fifth pipeline project for the future supply of water to Jerusalem, which is currently being executed by Mekorot company, Hagihon is required to conduct the main transport line at Emek Hatemanim. It is 3 km long and 60" in diameter from Ein Kerem connection to Hertzel. The project includes tunneling technologies. The laying of the line is planned for implementation in the years 2020 - 2021 and at an estimated cost of NIS 40 million.
2. The continuation of development of water systems in neighborhoods in East Jerusalem:
American road
Tzur baher road 18
3. The continuation of development of water systems in new neighborhoods in Mevaseret:
Hamagresa neighborhood
4. Development of new neighborhoods in Abu Ghosh
Mizpe Maarav neighborhood
Compounds 5 & 6
Compounds 24 & 25