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Hagihon Company Ltd. – Jerusalem Area's Water and Wastewater Utility
The Hagihon company was founded in 1996 by the Jerusalem Municipality and operates as an independent corporation by authority of the Water & Sewage Corporations Law (corporation license herein: follow link).
Hagihon became officially independent from the Municipality of Jerusalem in 2003. Since then Hagihon provides its own accounting, collection and enforcement services. 
In the framework of the incorporation process, Hagihon replaced its computer systems and redefined its service targets for the city’s residents.
Hagihon supplies water, sewage and drainage services in the approximately 32,500 acresof  the Greater Jerusalem area, servicing about 1,000,000 residents of the City of Jerusalem, the Town of Mevasert Yerushalaim and the Town of Abu Gosh.
The company is responsible for development, expansion, operation and maintenance of the water, sewage and drainage networks, in accordance with the city’s and towns' growth and development plans.
In the framework of the development and maintenance works on the water networks, Hagihon continuously initiates replacement of water pipelines, expands and duplicates infrastructures, carries out meticulous inspections for testing quality of the water it supplies to residents, constructs water reservoirs, pumping facilities, pressure reducing facilities and more.
Regarding sewage and drainage services, Hagihon carries out continuous works to maintain the system and facilities, and invests in development and expansion of these networks, and layskilometers of pipeline each year.
In preparation for the winter season, Hagihon implements preventative operations, and specially the cleaning and washing out of the drainage chambers.
The company carries out supervision and follow-up of industrial sewage, constructs pumping facilities for sewage, and sewage treatment plants and facilities. The MAVTI  company - “The Jerusalem Company for Sewage and Treatment Plants, Ltd.”  - was established with this objective. MAVTI established a modern sewage treatment system treating the Jerusalemwastewaters by utilizing technologies from the most advanced in the world. In Jerusalem, the company operates three treatment plants, the largest of which is the Sorek-Refa’im Sewage Treatment Plant. This was inaugurated in 1999, and every day, treats approximately 80,000 cubic meters of wastewaters in the western drainage basins, in Nahal (Stream) Rafa’im and in Nahal Sorek.
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