Quality Policy

agihon Co. Ltd. – Jerusalem’s Sewage and Water Corporation

Hagihon, Jerusalem’s Sewage and Water Corporation, is among the leading Israeli corporations due to adoption and application of quality strategy and integration of this strategy in all the corporate business activities. Being of quality means acting according to several quality principles, mainly: PDCA principle (plan, do, check, and act) and the constant improvement principle. Integration of quality principles in the corporate business activities contributes to streamlined work processes and resources, improved customer service, decreased water depreciation, improved service for company consumers etc.

According to this concept, Hagihon Corporation is certified for several international quality standards which will be joined by additional quality standards in future. Below is a list of the quality standards integrated by the company with a short description about the essence of each standard.




Description of standard essence




 In April 2017, the Standards Institution of Israel granted Hagihon Company the diamond label.


This label is the most prestigious in the industry, and awarded to companies that have implemented at least seven quality standards.

Hagihon Company is certified for standards related to: Quality Management, Health and Safety Management, Environmental Management, Energy Management, Social Management, Information Security Management and Traffic Safety Management.


Hagihon Company joined the 11 organizations in Israel that were awarded with the diamond label. 











ISO 17025:2006

Test and calibration lab qualification

Hagihon Co. performed daily, monthly and periodic chemical and microbiological tests using an authorized lab it operates to ensure the high quality of the water supplied to citizens. Lab tests include test of water samples from feed lines (Mekorot connections), reservoirs and municipal piping grid. The lab operated by Hagihon Co. was awarded qualification certificate (no. 034-2) from the National Laboratory Certification Authority. The tests it performs: are sampling, chlorine, turbidity, chlorides, hardness, fluoride, reaction, coliforms, fecal coliforms and general count of heterotrophic microorganisms. Lab tests are carried out according to requirements of National Health Regulations, Hygienic Quality of Drinking Water (amalgamated version – 2000). The National Laboratory Certification Authority and Ministry of Health supervise the function of Hagihon’s lab to ensure it maintains a high function level required by the certification demands it received and upholds international requirements specified in ISO 17025 standard.




ISO 9001:2015 

Quality system

 Hagihon Co. is certified according to requirements of the international standard attesting to proper management conduct.


This international standard determines requirements for the quality management system and the company must prove its ability to consistently provide a product that fulfills the customers’ demands and the demands of the applicable laws.

Additionally, the corporation strives to increase customer satisfaction by effective application of the quality system, including application of ongoing improvement processes for the system and ensuring conformity to customer and legal demands.

Hagihon Co. has set the goal of generating a quality management system with intent of increasing customer satisfaction and providing constantly improving corporate performance.


ISO 14001:2015

Ecological system management

Hagihon Co. is certified for the standard defining identification and management of ecological aspects influenced by company work processes and to manage activities to preserve these aspects while decreasing environmental hazards, on the one hand, and increasing awareness and facilitation of ecologically friendly solutions on the other hand.


ISO 18001:2007 – safety and health system management

Hagihon Co. is certified for the standard defining identification and management of safety and health hazards to which corporate employees and passers-by are exposed as well as establishment of an administrative system to prevent and decrease these hazards.



ISO 50001:2011 - energy

Hagihon Co. is certified for the standard defining requirements for management of an energetic system that improves energy performance including efficiency, use and consumption of energy. Company management believes application of quality standards is the way to lead to decreased greenhouse gas emissions and other ecological influence as well as cutting energy costs through systematic, smart management. The Energy management system (EnMS) allows company management to develop and apply energy policy, set objectives, goals and plans of action taking into consideration legal requirements and information relating to significant use of energy. The system enables the company to fulfill obligations in the defined policy, take the necessary actions to improve energy performance and display conformity of the system to standard requirements.



ISO 10000:2013 Company responsibility system management

The standard defines requirements for identification and management of the dialog between the company and its interest holders based on values of transparency, reliability, fairness and equality. Company management operates by these values aware that efficient and effective management of the municipal water and sewage system will contribute to all citizens, ensuring values of nature and scenery.

PCI DSS Standard – credit card protection standard

Hagihon Co. is certified for this standard incorporated through credit card companies which sets requirements for protection and maintaining confidentiality and privacy of credit card holders. Integration of this standard by the company enables company customers to pay with different credit cards in a safe manner.

ISO 27001:2013

Management of information security in the organization

Hagihon company is certified for this standard, which defines requirements for the existence of a management system that will identify, warn and deal with risks and threats that may harm the company's information system.


Israeli Standard 9301,  2007 edition

Management of traffic safety systems

 Hagihon company is certified for this standard, which defines requirements for increasing the safety of drivers in the company and raising awareness of smart driving in general.